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DELMIA Communities Month in Review

Hello and welcome to the Month in Review for February 2022! There’s…
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Hello and welcome to the Month in Review for February 2022! There’s a lot more than what’s shown below. Visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts this month. Besides, with eight active communities you’re sure to find at least one to suit your DELMIA interests. We welcome you to connect with us, exchange and share in the DELMIA Communities.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Global Operations Community

Power Up with Agile Battery Cell Manufacturing

One of the most intriguing high tech industry segments today is battery cell technology. It is an amazing mix of rapidly evolving supply chains, constrained resources, product innovation and global and startup companies competing for market-share.

Read more and discover the Virtual Twin Experience and how it improves battery cell manufacturing processes.

Fabrication Community

How to import ISO13399 tool/holder via NTT role (.p21, GTC)?

With NTT role (Cutting Tool Technologist), it is possible to create automatically tools and holders in the 3DEXPERIENCE from external website.

Watch the videos to discover this function.

Manufacturing Operations Management Community

New ML Journal: Leveraging Digital Twins to Accelerate the Journey to Factory of the Future

Prashanth Mysore is the Director of Strategic Business Development at DELMIA and his new article for ML Journal outlines the Factory of the Future. Companies have a tall order to transform their operations into factories of the future and one technology that can be a key accelerator is digital twins.

Read more about his insight.

Planning & Optimization Community

DELMIA Ortems Web Series | #2 Optimize your planning with KPIs in DELMIA Ortems

Join our second episode of the DELMIA Ortems web series on 22/03 or 23/03 (French & English session available) to learn how to manage KPIs in DELMIA Ortems. In this session, we will go through Ortems standard KPI’s, how we can customize specific KPIs and how we can follow-up, track KPI trends over time, and make business decisions that will create Value.

Choose a session and register.

Virtual Factory & Robotics Community

Robot at Work: Optimizing robots in a virtual world

Imagine if you could set up your production line in such a way that it required fewer resources while still achieving maximum output. Also imagine you could test everything in a virtual plant, running limitless scenarios to check the design before committing to building or reconfiguring the physical production line or cell. Since embracing virtual twin experience technology, that’s exactly what Robot at Work now enables its industrial customers to do.

Click to the Community to read the full story.

Process Engineering Community

What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Virtual Twins in Manufacturing

Today, change is the only constant, and success depends on the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently. The past year and a half saw manufacturers face unprecedented challenges resulting from global disruptions. They responded by repurposing or developing new product lines, reconfiguring their plants and restructuring their supply chains. This was done in order to meet changing demands and keep afloat amidst uncertainty.

Hear what industry leaders have to say in the Community.

Thank you for reading and we will see you in the DELMIA Communities!

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