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Carnival and the Advances of Technology

Technology has never been so present in our lives.
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carnival and technology

Technology has never been so present in our lives. Despite that, the truth is that concepts such as human-machine connectivity, realistic simulation, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D experiences, all essential to the new times, are just beginning to become more relevant and present in corporate routines.

carnival celebration in brazil

In 2020 however, we had a pleasant surprise: the Brazilian Carnival had the last word in technology, with Rosas de Ouro samba school taking the history of industrial revolutions with emphasis on the industry renaissance that we are living here in Brazil.

The main idea of ​​the “Tempos Modernos” (Modern Times) * storyline, developed by carnival artist André Machado, was to show, through the history, the arrival of this new era. The goal was to present to the general public the innovations that can transform people’s lives, offering more productivity and efficiency in our daily lives.

Technologies from different vendors was widely used in costumes and allegories to show how digital innovation can transform areas such as health, agriculture, food and urban mobility, among many others. FEI University Center, a partner of Dassault Systèmes, for example documented one of the floats present in the parade. This means that the entire structure of the float was be digitized and rebuilt into a 3D model to enhance its physical construction.

Visionary, the Rosas de Ouro Society, a traditional São Paulo association, has always embraced themes that carry a message or leave a warning to society. “Tempos Modernos” will be the flag raised by the school in the parade of this year. It is an extremely important cause that should be observed by everyone with attention, including ordinary people, influencers, members of civil society, businesses, governments and experts. After all, we are living a unique moment in our history, with the technological revolution making room for a complete change in the way we live, work and relate.

It is very important for society to be able to promote and inspire the discussion about the future, enabling the understanding of the advances that are happening. Not to mention the importance of getting ready to fully exploit the advantages that technology can bring to our lives. At the same time, we have to work and identify the actions needed to truly create a Brazil able to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by innovation in all its forms.

We are heading for the biggest transformation in history, with changes happening from factories to the way we manage our children’s schedules at school. We are facing a new paradigm in which everything we consume and do will be different. Therefore, although this is not the first industrial revolution lived by mankind, it is almost unquestionable that it will be the most striking, with structural changes in our lives.

This becomes evident, for example, when we observe that innovation is at the heart of industries and businesses, completely transforming the way they work and develop their products and services, enabling the creation of new business models that can completely change the balance of business forces in competitive markets. The universe of possibilities is huge.

Production lines in Brazil could be directly run by operations in China, which could receive projects submitted by a team located in Europe. This means that factories will have new digital connectivity present at all stages of their processes, making them more efficient, flexible, faster and transparent. Service companies and homes will follow this model, becoming increasingly intelligent.

With new technologies, geographical barriers will definitely disappear and partnerships between universities and companies will have an extremely positive global impact, and therefore can prepare young Brazilians for a new and emerging international job market. This digital connection could be the basis for improving the transmission of knowledge among people, guiding and preparing new talent for the future.

Successful professionals in this new phase will be able to quickly develop skills to work in new digital environments. According to a global study of more than 2,000 companies from 26 countries including Brazil, world leaders in the industrial sector intend to invest 5% of all annual revenues in digitizing key functions for their companies, almost $ 1 trillion by 2020. The main focus of these investments will be 3D solutions, manufacturing systems, sensors and connectivity devices.

Emerging economies such as Brazil can benefit from this moment of innovation and change to reach higher levels of efficiency and global market participation. Technology has been driving the growth of wealth in many countries and this can also be replicated in the case of Brazil. With these innovations it will be possible to develop new products, expand business and generate a wave of jobs, with professionals prepared to work in new roles.

Investing in knowledge and technology will always be a differential. It is very interesting to have such a bold proposal for Carnival, which is the biggest cultural event in Brazil. Undoubtedly, the parade is already equipped with the latest in technology. Now it lacks for the Brazilian society to prepare itself to immerse in this new digital environment.

Translator´s note: *Based on Modern Times, film of Charles Chaplin, theme of Rosas de Ouro Samba School for the 2020 Carnival Parade.

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