November 15, 2022

What if Airwolf was designed today in 3DEXPERIENCE platform ? | CATIA User Community

Avatar Yves Barbier

Episode 01 – Birth of the Wolf

Imagine (I know, it’s only a dream), the F.I.R.M. decides to launch a new project A56-7W, codename Airwolf, to design a Mach 1+ combat helicopter.

For this, they of course have chosen the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and CATIA.

The first step for them is to capture the detailed specifications of the future helicopter in the platform.

Based on this first set of requirements, the F.I.R.M. decides to develop a first prototype reusing and enhancing an existing helicopter, the Bell 222.

Even if we are dreaming here, we can follow some choice of the TV serie.

Bell 222 helicopter has been developed thanks to CATIA V5, F.I.R.M. designers and engineers can easily reuse the existing digital mock-up of the helicopter inside the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

All the design specifications of the Bell 222 are then available for F.I.R.M. engineers to enhance them for their needs thanks to Mechanical and Shape Engineer role capabilities.

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