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[Webinar] What’s new on CATIA Design 2020x Part 3 – Product Experience on April 8th

Dear community, on April 8th you can watch our final “What’s new…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Dear community,

on April 8th you can watch our final “What’s new on CATIA Design 2020x” Webinar here in the community.

Register here to check out the evolution for high-end rendering and immersive experiences to support accurate decision making with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. New additions to our portfolio are 2 brand-new roles and many new features and improvements of performance and user experience.

  • A set of data converters to import the most commonly used 3D third party formats and also bring native DELTAGEN scenes with their high-quality materials into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • A new Role for DStellar distributed rendering which accelerates your physically correct Global Illumination rendering by enabling you to leverage the connected power of an entire rendering cluster directly from the CATIA Live Rendering app.
  • New features to enhance your product and packaging presentations and capture your decisions in favorites, approved or rejected variants.
  • New Immersive capabilities to enhance VR reviews for single users and collaborative sessions, new supported hardware, improved interfaces and workflows, new procedural high-end content
  • and many more!

The CATIA TV webinar will be held HERE, in our CATIA Community, giving you the capacity to interact in live with our subject matter experts.


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