March 4, 2020

[WEBINAR] STIMULUS | The Future of Model-Based Systems Engineering with Requirements-In-the-Loop | March 25

LIVE On CATIA TV, as STIMULUS Sales Director, I invite you to join…
Avatar Yves Génevaux

LIVE On CATIA TV, as STIMULUS Sales Director, I invite you to join me on March 25th, @ 9:30AM and 5:00PM UTC+1

How can you make sure that the functional specifications of your embedded system are correct the first time, including textual requirements?

How can you check if your implementation will meets its specification?

Listen to this webinar, and unveil our new solution within CATIA’s portfolio.

STIMULUS enables you to simulate and debug functional requirements, and automate the functional tests of embedded systems. STIMULUS key benefits are to achieve early requirements validation and automate functional tests, all this leading to a streamlined development process producing higher quality systems.


•             Customers Pains

•             Limits of classic MBSE

•             STIMULUS presentation and demonstration

•             Users stories

•             Q&A

Watch this webinar and make embedded systems requirements right the first time.


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