June 15, 2020

[WEBINAR REPLAY] Unified Architecture Framework made simple: why and how?

Enterprise Architecture is not an easy subject to handle. Usually it includes…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Enterprise Architecture is not an easy subject to handle. Usually it includes large amount of data, and captures needs coming from big number of stakeholders with different expectations. While trying to handle all the complexity, organizations often do not pay attention to methods and tools used to define the architecture. Random tools that are available in organization are often used – like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

At some point, it becomes too difficult – and sometimes impossible – to ensure consistency between all the assets. This leads to delay or even cancellation for enterprise architecture programs. Having standard language and framework applied helps to communicate for different roles in organization, and have Enterprise Architecture traceability from the strategy to real solutions.

Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) is becoming more and more popular tool for this purpose, and is used not only by military, but also by government and industrial organizations.

This session will present:

  • The need for architecture framework and the value of standards like OMG’s Unified Architecture Framework (UAF)
  • CATIA Magic Portfolio for enterprise architecture modeling
  • UAF example how it defines the organization starting from the strategy and moving to operational views description

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