October 21, 2022

Sustainability & Decarbonization [WEBINAR | replay]

Avatar Yves Barbier

Experience our new CATIA TV webinar program exploring the capacities of 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA for Sustainability & Decarbonization

With growing environmental concerns and sustainability requirements, progress towards net zero is underway. Nonetheless a building or infrastructure’s design determines 80% of its environmental impact throughout the lifecycle. Choosing the best sustainable options during daily engineering or manufacturing decisions implies to be able to answer such questions:

  • Which design will use fewer materials? which one has the best environmental footprint ?
  • Which processes have the lowest consumption of land and water resources, or CO2 emissions ?
  • Which life cycle phase has the highest environmental contributions? Which activities are causing it?
  • How to optimize processes to meet decarbonization objectives ?
  • How to compare engineering alternatives and make sure there is no pollution shifting?

Virtual twin experiences are precise science-based models to virtually test products, service ideas or designs. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as part of virtual twin technology makes environmental assessments available from as early as the ideation stage, and to every member of the innovation process downstream.

Sustainable Innovation Intelligence is a new Data Science Experience that goes one step further by enforcing sustainability targets ensuring that all teams will strive to find new ways to innovate and meet the objectives. It allows to :

  • Perform efficient Life Cycle Assessment studies and elects best design alternatives, respecting assigned goals to deliver performant innovative buildings and infrastructures.
  • Enforce sustainable goals throughout design phases and project management, respecting weight target and environmental commitments with decision-making analytics
  • And investigate a 360° view of the sustainability metrics of products and processes throughout their entire lifecycle to propose the best alternatives

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