February 17, 2021

[WEBINAR | REPLAY] | Modular Buildings & Civil Infrastructures, February 10th

LIVE On CATIA TV, we invite you and your business ecosystem to join…
Avatar Insya Regig

LIVE On CATIA TV, we invite you and your business ecosystem to join on February 10th, 2021 @ 8:30AM and 4:00PM UTC for an exclusive session on Modular Buildings & Civil Infrastructures with our Subject Matter Expert @Prasad PANDIT 


As an offset of DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) adoption, construction industries witness an increase in demand for off-site construction methods, with prefabricated components and modular structures, for building development projects.

In order to ease the DFMA adoption, owners and project managers need to perform tasks, anticipate risks and optimize processes within the same physical and virtual environments. Having ‘the designers’, the ‘manufacturers’, ‘the builders’ and ‘the owners’ working together on the same platform and inside the same experiential and virtual ‘twin’ of the project, will enable agile design, full collaboration and virtual exchanges basing on international standards.

CATIA and Dassault Systèmes are at the state of the art in developing virtual twins for construction professionals, enabling all profiles to be immersed, inside the virtual contexts of their own projects.


Facing an increase in demand that will emerge from project complexity, the global ecosystem of civil infrastructures projects are facing adaptation issues. The multiplicity of actors working in silos is slowing the value chain at a level that will rapidly generate obsolescence within actors that will not be able to deliver project in time without cost overruns.

By using CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE virtual twin technology, civil infrastructures development actors will provide to all stakeholders a true virtual and contextual environment of their project, enabling to break the silos, to anticipate risks, to optimize processes and to achieve operational excellence while seizing opportunities to win market shares.

In this webinar subject matter expert @Prasad PANDIT will explore the market trends and will explain us how CATIA  already stands out of the blue to deliver intensive value to this ecosystem.

This CATIA TV webinar will be held here, in this post in our CATIA User Community, giving the capacity to interact in live with our subject matter experts. Don’t hesitate to attend and promote this webinar to your business ecosystem.

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