February 22, 2018

Webinar replay | ICEM Surf 2018 – Safety Analysis

Dear CATIA User Community, I’d like to share with you this recording…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Dear CATIA User Community, I’d like to share with you this recording of my recent Safety Analysis webinar.

Safety Analysis is an add-on module to ICEM Surf Professional. It is a specialised analysis tool developed primarily for the automotive industry, for the analysis of potential head impact zones in the cabin and exterior of a car, to protect passengers and pedestrians from injuries caused by sharp edges of car components.

In case you didn’t know, over the last two ICEM Surf releases Safety Analysis has had many significant enhancements and new advanced tools (Touching Spheres, Lift and Tornado Lines) to help quickly and easily check your designs against the latest safety regulations for certification in the EU and Worldwide. Customers confirm that these new tools allow them to make huge time savings in this important part of the design process.

Watch it on the CATIA User Community

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