November 20, 2019

[WEBINAR Replay] “Get the peace of mind that you’re purchasing the right product parts”

Get the peace of mind that you’re purchasing the right product parts! PartSupply is…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Get the peace of mind that you’re purchasing the right product parts! PartSupply is the most comprehensive, artificial intelligence driven catalog of sourceable 3D components. Suitable for companies of all sizes, its more than 700 on-demand content providers from around the world comprise a one-stop shop of tens of millions of qualified component configurations.

  • Access catalogs of qualified supplier components
  • Quickly search for the one you need by filtering with component categories, or by combining the power of semantic search and 3D shape similarity
  • Side-by-side compare similar configurations and analyze their detailed technical characteristics and supplier locations to decide which best fit your needs
  • Download the 3D model into your design environment for fast validation of its configuration

Listen here to​​​​​​​​​​​​​ @Hubert MASSON and @Stanislas DE CHARETTE for this 18th webinar of our CATIA TV program. Together they will present why and how to access the most complete catalog of 3D components.

 to learn more about how to access, search for, compare, and download and test parts in your design. Once you’ve found the right part, evaluate supplier location and contact the supplier directly to negotiate pricing and place your order.

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WATCH webinar here

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