October 22, 2022

Create, Validate and quickly Converge Concept Stiffened Structures [WEBINAR | Replay] –

Avatar Yves Barbier

exclusive live session on Stiffeners, with our Subject Matter Expert @Nicolas Guerrin

The Stiffened Structures Concept Design Engineer role empowers the engineer with modeling and simulation capabilities in order to boost the convergence of conceptual and preliminary design studies that are driven by their targeted structural properties.

The Stiffened Structures Concept app delivers all the necessary tools to create a conceptual model, from the assignment of Composites laminate onto regions, the creation of the finite element model fully capturing the design specifications and the setup of structural simulations, loads and boundary conditions, to the solving of the simulation. All these tools are available in the same app, enabling the engineers to focus on their workflows by eliminating the need to switch from modeling apps to structural simulation apps.

This CATIA TV webinar is in this post in our CATIA User Community, giving the capacity to interact in live with our subject matter experts. Don’t hesitate to attend and promote this webinar to your business ecosystem

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