November 12, 2018

The Intelligence of Relational Design in CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE

As explained in my two previous posts on the Beauty and the…
Avatar Alain Dugousset

As explained in my two previous posts on the Beauty and the Power of this approach, Relational Design is the capability, for several users working with CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, to concurrently design complex parts, in context of configured products and taking into account relationship between these parts.

Nowadays, as products continue to increase in complexity, performance and quality targets are becoming more demanding. CATIA answers that challenge, enabling the rapid development of high-quality mechanical products.

Relational Design is fully in line with this logic thanks to it’s intelligence allowing for instance

  • Easy reuse of existing design, to speed up early development phase
  • Management of different design studies, to ease innovation management
  • Lifecycle Integration, to allow usage of relation design in all the development phases of a product

Watch more and the video on the CATIA User Community

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