March 19, 2021

Sofien Riahi becomes a CATIA Champion

We are delighted to let you know that Sofien Riahi (@Riahi Sofien ​​​​​​​) has joined the CATIA…
Avatar Insya Regig

We are delighted to let you know that Sofien Riahi (@Riahi Sofien ​​​​​​​) has joined the CATIA Champions Program​​​​​​​ at the beginning of the year! Sofien is a mechanical designer with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering & a master’s degree in innovation management. He currently works for Safran Seats Tunisia.

A few words from Sofien

” My first contact with Catia was 7 years ago in my first year of college. I discovered the part & product design at first and after getting my bachelor degree, I started working as a project manager using CATIA at a Tunisian company specialized in the design & manufacturing of special machines. I wanted to discover the product design so I have decided to join Safran to work on new business class & Yankee seats. The process is similar to automotive design & manufacturing. The production rate makes the two sectors different. So we receive a Class A surface, we analyze it & propose modifications to enhance the feasibility of the parts & in some cases we propose a new class-A surface that matches the need & respects more the architectural constraints. Then we start thinking functionally and the engineering begins. Usually, we use plastic injection, thermoforming, Sheetmetal, Composite… I am also a PLM referent using Smarteam from Enovia, I help my colleagues to solve their problems & enhance their capabilities in product evolution management and product design. For me, CATIA is more than a tool, it’s a magical world where you can make your ideas real with no limits.“

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