July 23, 2019

SIMULIA Talks: NAFEMS World Congress 2019 with Stephanie Wood

This is another blog post in a new series where we talk…
Avatar Katie Corey

This is another blog post in a new series where we talk to SIMULIA employees about current projects they are working on and developments they see in the simulation world. Recently, Stephanie Bailey-Wood, SIMULIA WW, EMEA/AP Marketing Director, attended the NAFEMS World Congress where SIMULIA was the only Platinum Sponsor. Check out Stephanie’s full recap of the conference below.  

In June, a team of Dassault Systèmes representatives, 23 from SIMULIA, 1 from SOLIDWORKS and 1 from CATIA, journeyed to Quebec City, Canada for the biennial NAFEMS World Congress 2019. SIMULIA has been the Platinum Sponsor of this event for 7 events in a row – 14 years! – and our commitment to our partnership with NAFEMS and this event is paramount.

Dassault Systèmes submitted 17 technical papers covering topics such as battery simulation and NVH for electric vehicles, electromagnetics and 5G, material modeling, additive manufacturing, vehicle crashworthiness, and AR/VR and aero-acoustics for HVAC, which was jointly authored with BMW. We presented 2 sponsored sessions entitled ‘Towards Industry Renaissance with Simulation Driven Experiences’ and ‘Experience Transformation in All-Physics and All-Scale Design.’ Our presentation in the opening plenary was presented by Subham Sett, VP, Marketing & Strategic Initiatives and focused on the topic of engineers being storytellers, with simulation being the subtle narrative behind innovation today. The more vendor neutral tone of the session was well received by the audience.

But the shining pinnacle of the event was the Dassault Systèmes booth, which invited attendees to experience simulation through AR/VR experiences on zSpaces, Hololens, Looking Glasses, the 3DPlay AR app and Google Cardboard apps for the Living Heart and HVAC. By viewing simulation through AR/VR technology, we engaged with more attendees than ever before, and hopefully showed the value of simulation by experiencing it, not just seeing it in 2D on a screen. The booth was a hive of activity throughout the conference with plenty of technical conversations with both existing SIMULIA, CATIA and SOLIDWORKS users, as well as new contacts that we can’t wait to continue speaking to.

As ever, NAFEMS World Congress was a great event for anyone involved in simulation, and tackled hot topics such as digital twins, electric & autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in the popular ‘The Hype’ sessions. As the largest independent organization focused entirely on simulation, the event gave the simulation industry a clear indication of where the future of simulation lies, and it echoed our thoughts exactly. See you at #NWC2021!

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