Design & SimulationFebruary 4, 2021

Optimizing a Two-wheeler Bike For a Quiet and Peaceful Ride

SIMULIA Solutions for the Two-wheeler Market  With SIMULIA PowerFLOW technology, helmet wind…
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SIMULIA Solutions for the Two-wheeler Market 

With SIMULIA PowerFLOW technology, helmet wind noise can easily be assessed and optimized for a more quiet and peaceful ride on your two-wheeler bike. Our state-of-the-art simulation technology allows engineers to identify noise issues on the helmet and come up with good mitigation strategies while also reducing cost and development time. Noise predictions can be auralized, permitting subjective listening assessments of design alternatives, or comparisons to measurements of competitor helmet design to ensure a pleasurable driving experience.

While riding, the radiator and exhaust generate high temperature flow, resulting in potential quality and warranty issues, as well as safety concerns for riders like a high risk of burns. Simulating this effect in SIMULIA PowerFLOW software helps improve engineering design decisions long before prototype testing has begun. Bike performance and fuel efficiency can be achieved through weight reduction. The trade-off between weight reduction and structural integrity is important for safety and durability. CATIA and SIMULIA collaboration supports engineers in reducing the motorcycle frame weight through topology optimization combined with structural solutions. The approach guarantees weight optimization on the frame through design modifications corresponding to the loads and stresses acting on the bike, while still maintaining the stability and durability of the bike.

Bike performance and safety are evaluated using our Multibody System Solution. Our approach allows the assessment of the speed impact on riding comfort and stability. The dynamics of a motorcycle are greatly influenced by the rider’s weight and movements. Modifications can be implemented and evaluated to improve stability and bike riding comfort. Simulation offers a visual and easy approach of comparing the impact of design modification on stability and safety. SIMULIA MBS allows the virtual evaluation of the design modification on bike behavior and effect on stability. Dirt, water, snow and rain not only decrease driver visibility, but can also impact performance of cameras, sensors and even brakes — all potential safety hazards. And by using SIMULIA’s CFD realistic wind simulation, engineers can identify what wind tunnels cannot — accurate droplet and dust accumulation.

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