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Accelerating next-gen consumer electronics with IMSE

Consumers want to be delighted, surprised, and projected into new experiences. But…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Consumers want to be delighted, surprised, and projected into new experiences. But how do brand differentiate themselves? One way is more sophisticated technology in the product themselves, and making that technology light, space efficient and durable.

Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) solutions can help bring this need to reality. The solutions integrate printed electronics including circuitry, touch controls and antennas, with discrete electronic components such as LEDs for illumination, into 3D injection molded structures. IMSE parts are light, and can be thinner than 2 mm; meanwhile, electronics are protected because they are fully-encapsulated in injection molded plastics.

Catch all that?

The bottom line is this: IMSE technology allows designers and engineers from a range of industries – automotive, home appliances, industrial and wearable electronics – to accelerate the development of next-generation consumer electronic experiences.

At CES last week, we announced that users of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will soon be able to digitally experiment with IMSE parts from Finland’s TactoTek – the leader in the market. This opens the possibility for electronics and mechanical design and simulation teams to tightly collaborate to digitally create, simulate and test IMSE parts in 3D and validate designs prior to production, and get successful mass producible products to market faster.

Discover more in this video interview with TactoTek’s CEO, Jussi Harvela.

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