November 18, 2022

How to develop a hood design which meets the CFD and structural performance targets?

Avatar Yves Barbier


Vehicle Styling is one of the most important factors, which determines the commercial success of a particular vehicle. Styling also plays a significant role in the performance of the vehicle, based on its aero profile, and has a strong influence on the design space available to develop an underlying structure, which meets key structural performance targets.

The concept phase provides an opportunity, for early feasibility to study the impact of styling on structural design and different multi-physics, but this interaction remains unexplored because of lack of tools, which could leverage early data.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate the power of common geometry modeler across different CATIA applications, which will bring styling and conceptual design together further executing multi-physics simulation and exploration by leveraging SIMULIA applications, to validate functional requirements

Watch this workflow demonstration from @Shravan Kumar MUMMADI on the MODSIM Community. Watch full videos there and discuss with him and thousands of CATIA/ SIMULIA users

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