October 10, 2020

Hello I’m Murat ARMAĞAN. I want to introduce myself.

I’m From TÜRKİYE. Murat is a quite experienced PLM Administrator with more…
Avatar Murat Armagan

I’m From TÜRKİYE. Murat is a quite experienced PLM Administrator with more than 15 years of working experience in multi-disciplinary industries. His background also includes training support to many different companies for various projects. He has been involved in many technical trainings as well. Some of the projects that he has been involved in as a PLM admin and mechanical designer are armored land vehicles, travel bus design and new generation infantry gun development. He has given trainings of CATIA & PLM in addtition to trainings of aircraft structures, aircraft maintenance, S100D, aircraft fasteners, etc. to many partiicipants at Turkish Aerospace Industry. Since the beginning of his working life, he has been exploring 3D CAD system technology and product data management systems, with a goal on top down modelling methodology and concurrent design & engineering. He is very prolific and eager improve himself continuously. Murat is a gifted designer with a rare combination of patience, teaching and learning skills. He knows how to combine different data environments and how to manage them. Murat does not only teach how to use a CAD design software but he also support his trainees for their progresses



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