December 8, 2020

First-Ever Virtual Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Conference Draws Thousands

On November 17 and 18, thousands of CATIA and SIMULIA users from…
Avatar Clare Scott

On November 17 and 18, thousands of CATIA and SIMULIA users from 78 countries and 1,127 different companies attended the first-ever Virtual Global 3DEXPERIENCE Modeling and Simulation Conference (ModSim). While ModSim is a celebrated event going back years, this year’s conference was the first to take place online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The change to an online format did nothing to damper attendance and enthusiasm, however.

More than 80 customers presented on a variety of topics, along with dozens of Dassault Systèmes associates and partners. The conference kicked off with plenary sessions including a keynote from Purdue University, followed by presentations from Dassault Systèmes executives on the value of integrating design, modeling and simulation. ModSim’s first day offered customers a choice between 11 different Live Talks, with two focusing on CATIA strategy and 11 being SIMULIA Regional User Meetings. These included presentations from the local team as well as local customers such as Unilever, Renault and Parker Hannifin. On Day 2, the Live Talks were presented by R&D representatives. Six parallel sessions covered eight different technology updates, and the Breakout Tracks included over 110 presentations that attendees could watch on demand.

Details of several of the academic presentations were covered on the blog prior to the event, as the presenters graciously agreed to take the time to outline their topics ahead of time. Links to the replays of the presentations can now be found in these blogs, but you can also find any presentation replay that interests you online through the new ModSim Community.

Customer presentations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 3M: EM Waveguiding through High Dielectric Resonator Metamaterial Array for Wireless Wearable Application
  • Abbot Labs: Living Heart Human Model & Clinical Applications
  • BMW: A Holistic and CAD Enabled Approach to HVAC Design
  • Collins Aerospace: Design & Simulation of Di-Electric Resonator Antenna for Satellite Communication
  • Nikola Motors: Personal Watercraft Dynamic Analysis
  • Sivantos GmbH: Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) issues in Hearing Aids
  • Volvo Trucks North America: GHG2 Certification for Class 8 Trucks Using CFD

All conference presentations are organized in the following sessions:

  • Concept Structure Engineering
  • Cyber Physical Systems (aka: Model Based Systems Engineering / MBSE)
  • Design with Integrated Modeling and Simulation
  • Lightweight Engineering
  • Structural Simulation
  • Fluid Simulation
  • Electromagnetic Simulation
  • Multidisciplinary Modeling and Simulation

Members of the ModSim Community will enjoy multiple benefits including not only access to presentations, demos and tutorials, but also the opportunity to be part of a global network of users of design, modeling and simulation applications. The goal of the community is to break down silos between design, modeling and simulation, allowing companies to collaborate across departments on functional requirements, conceptual designs, multidisciplinary simulation and cyberphysical systems. Members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics at any time.

To access the ModSim Community, simply log in with your 3DS Passport username and password. If you don’t have a 3DS Passport, it’s free and easy to register for instant access. Learn more about the ModSim Community and register here.

SIMULIA offers an advanced simulation product portfolio, including AbaqusIsightfe-safeToscaSimpoe-MoldSIMPACKCST Studio SuiteXFlowPowerFLOW and more. The SIMULIA Community is the place to find the latest resources for SIMULIA software and to collaborate with other users. The key that unlocks the door of innovative thinking and knowledge building, the SIMULIA Community provides you with the tools you need to expand your knowledge, whenever and wherever.

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