October 24, 2018

Discover the Team B project of Design in the Age of Experience Urban Mobility Hackathon!

Participants from VOLKSWAGEN, Peter JARITZ & Arthur UMANSKI and Tina RICHTER from…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Participants from VOLKSWAGEN, Peter JARITZ & Arthur UMANSKI and Tina RICHTER from VOLKSWAGEN STRAK dpt, as well as @Franck COLAS & @Laurent IGARZA from CATIA User Experience created a revolutionary design inspired by nature that won the best experience from the Hackathon Jury!

See above the complete team that has used CATIA Creative & Generative Design Solutions to concretize the creation!

In our Team B, main idea was that ALL people would accept to drop their own car for public transportation only if the Experience gets better. Meaning leaving place A when I want/can, and immediately get a vehicle that brings me to place B in the smartest way, allowing me to do something else than driving myself.

Peter came with this funny idea inspired by the vintage game ‘Snake’, where trains of pixel needed to be driven to find best path against other snakes. It led the team with an obvious solution: what if a town was providing a unique public transportation made of modular trains, embedding the social experience of Uber & Waze, and capable of bringing people from door to door when they need to move from one place to another?

Here is how we landed to the MTU design (Mobile Transportation Unit), which needed to be simple and efficient: providing people with 360° angle view from the outside, capability to run in any direction including up & down… the cubic shape was an obvious choice. We chose to propose 3 experiences, basic MTU (people standing), premium MTU (4 chairs with all comfort including connectivity), business MTU (2 seats where you can rest, high quality wifi etc…).

We could quickly achieve these 3 design variants by intensive use of CATIA Imagine & Shape, CATIA Icem & CATIA Generative Shape Design and especially CATIA Human Design which was the essential application to make sure we can pre-validate the experience within the module. Adding on top some quick contexts within CATIA Live Rendering, and it allowed us to validate the MTU within the 12 hours allowed to the team !!

This was really great time with 3DEXPERIENCE and filling the power of the team collaborating live with concurrent access on the same design !

Watch it on the CATIA User Community

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