June 3, 2021

Discover all CATIA TV Webinars & Talks in June 2021

Join the CATIA User Community to attend all CATIA TV Webinars &…
Avatar Insya Regig

Join the CATIA User Community to attend all CATIA TV Webinars & Talks in June 2021, free login: 📺​​​​​​​ June 2 – Stimulus & Requirement Engineer with Bruno JOFRET go.3ds.com/tNh

📺 June 9- Functional Generative Design for a bike stem with Pierre Pagliughi

📺 June 9- Connected Engineering V5 with Daniel Pyzak go.3ds.com/QZ1

📺 June 10- Meet The Additive Manufacturing Experts with Colin Swearingen go.3ds.com/jOu

📺 June 14- Agile Clash analysis and Digital Mockup with Daniel Pyzak

📺 June 16 – Generative Design for Lightweight Engineering with Nicolas GUERIN ​​​go.3ds.com/ytK

📺 June 21- Requirements-In-the-Loop, The Future of Systems Engineering with Yves Génevaux

📺 June 22- CATIA Design Talk: Re-shaping the design process with Sub Division Modeling with Nick McFerran go.3ds.com/plT

📺 June 23 – Lightweight Engineering | Overview with Daniel Pyzak go.3ds.com/PoV

📺 June 24 – MBSE Integration System Architecture with SIMULIA Capabilities with Anand Pathak go.3ds.com/zKf

📺 June 30- Naval Architect with Daniel Dresemann go.3ds.com/Kq3


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