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Discover CATIA trends on the CATIA User Community! Experience our expectations about…
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Discover CATIA trends on the CATIA User Community!

Experience our expectations about Connected Engineering, Lightweight Engineering, Modular Buildings & Civil Infrastructures, Industrial Infrastructures Virtual Twin, and Systems Engineering.

  • Connected Engineering combines the digital continuity of Collaborative 3D Designer on the cloud with the performance of the CATIA Engineering Excellence packages.
  • CATIA Lightweight Engineering provides designers with the expert capabilities to minimize part weight, maximize stiffness, reduce cost and optimize material usage.
  • For construction, CATIA allows designers and engineers to design, and construction professionals to build, beyond the limits of traditional project delivery methods, by delivering a range of 3D modeling an experiential solutions, ‘the Virtual Twin’ that spans throughout all construction and operation phases and that provides access to all stakeholders. Discover how CATIA positions itself toward helping infrastructures developers’ ecosystem implement their vision, thanks to the ‘3DEXPERIENCE Virtual Twin’ technology that is already showing innovations in the fields of Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities and Pharmaceutical Manufactures.
  • With CATIA Systems Engineering, Imagine, Engineer and Experience Cyber-Physical Systems

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