Design & SimulationJune 27, 2019

Can beautifully designed products also be highly functional?

Design is a more and more important aspect when it comes to…
Avatar Maryann Dennehy

Design is a more and more important aspect when it comes to catching consumers’ attention for a product. Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Honda Life Creation Center – a producer of powered products such as lawnmowers – is implementing a new design approach to attract new customers who can ultimately be more productive and have joyful experiences at both home and work.

Engineers and designers are now able to collaborate on a single platform, including all necessary tools and data from each discipline. Product related ideas and implementations are shared in real time, leading to increased efficiency.

Working in 3D combined with virtual reality strengthens product visualization and opens up new possibilities for the whole design process.

Find out how Honda Life Creation Center benefits from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

  • Watch the video below to learn more about how design and product creation merge:

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