Virtual ExperienceAugust 17, 2021

Automation Process for Prefabricated Walls – Technical Video How to quickly and easily create a Detailed Model (LOD400,500) from…
Avatar Yves Barbier How to quickly and easily create a Detailed Model (LOD400,500) from Simple Design Model (LOD200,300) ? Automated modeling templates can be used and reused to create a wide-range of CATIA models. Go to the CATIA User Community website to watch this video focusing on how to utilize these templates. The following functionalities are part of a broader concept entitled the ‘Smart Configurator’ which encompasses a diverse range of configuration capabilities. Find out more about our Smart Configurator during our free Webinar on September 7th, 2021, see details on the CATIA User Community website. Thanks Mansu Kim ! #3DEXPERIENCE #CATIA #Design #Engineering #Construction

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