Virtual ExperienceJanuary 2, 2020

3D Innovator: What’s new – R2019x GA to R2020x GA

Watch on the CATIA User Community a video of new functionalities introduced…
Avatar Yves Barbier

Watch on the CATIA User Community a video of new functionalities introduced in xDesign after R2019x GA to R2020x GA.

Significant ones are as follows:

  • New Landing Page: Access new options from Brand-new landing page:
    • Recover: Reopen recently open component.
    • Quick Tour: Access app introductory tours.
    • User Assistance: Access app user guide.
    • Training: Access app training materials.
  • Spline: Sketch a spline by clicking points to define its path. You can also add points to existing spline.
  • Sketch status: Quickly check sketch status from the design manager whether it is fully constrained or not.
  • Quickly check and change design units.
  • Sketch text: Create sketch text at any given position along linear or circular elements.
  • Dual-mode box selection: Select precisely with dual-mode box selections.
  • View filter: Hide/ show reference planes, axis, points and sketches from the work area.
  • Hierarchy breadcrumb: Use hierarchy breadcrumb instead of design manager to have more work area.
  • Materials: Browse and apply materials to components.
  • Section view: Review component details at various sections.
  • Lifecycle tab: Use dedicated lifecycle tab for managing the lifecycle of components.
  • New history graph view: Review lifecycle of components with new intuitive graph view.
  • New Branch: Experiments with new design solutions without affecting existing ones using new branches.
  • Form or dissolve assemblies without worrying about mates. Mates are automatically carried while forming or dissolving assemblies.
  • Enhanced Touch mode:
    • Enlarged icons and contextual menu for convenient finger use.
    • Lock view Button: Lock rotation while sketching to enable dual-mode box selection in touch mode.
    • Escape button: Use the escape button conveniently from the touch bar, to escape from already running functionality in touch mode.
    • Shortcut button: Use the shortcut button conveniently from the touch bar, to access frequently used functionalities in touch mode.

Watch this video on the CATIA User Community (Free login) for highlights:

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