October 30, 2019

Reach for the Cloud

Science- and engineering-driven organizations are increasingly implementing applications in the cloud to…
Avatar Lisa Yan

Science- and engineering-driven organizations are increasingly implementing applications in the cloud to reduce IT costs, minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), increase agility and maximize scalability. This is also true in the Quality space, as many informatics specialists now consider data and application security in the cloud to be as secure as on-premises deployments—if not more so.

You might be looking for a new Electronic Data Management System (EDMS), a new Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) or both as an integrated solution (with or without a Learning Management System, LMS). You might be looking to increase the value of your current app stack of tools for Quality. After all, the cloud does offer more control, on costs, deployment size, IT burden, compliance risk—and your data. But what does a cloud-based solution for Quality really offer you?

Cloud deployments are scalable. Firstly, a cloud-based solution for Quality is easy to configure, deploy and integrate without a heavy IT footprint. Some of them are able to scale from 25 users to over 100,000 while also allowing you to deploy additional infrastructure rapidly. As a result, you can adjust the number of users and modules to meet your needs and you only pay for what you use. You control the costs.

Cloud deployments minimally impact your IT organization. With an infrastructure managed by 3rd parties such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), you won’t require a large IT organization to manage Quality application access, operations and maintenance. Cloud providers take care of delivering application and security updates and monitoring performance. And your IT organization won’t be surprised by configuration or customization requests. You control the IT burden.

Cloud deployments can be compliance-ready. Some cloud-based Quality systems provide built-in compliance management and support the most stringent requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11; 210; 820; 600, ISO standards (9000; 1400), Annex 11 and GxP practices. And some systems provide full control over the frequency and timing of updates and upgrades in accordance with your own Computer System Validation (CSV) strategy. You have control over your compliance risk.

Cloud deployments are secure. If providers of cloud-based Quality tools undergo certification by organizations such as Securastar and Bureau Veritas, they will verify that a detailed framework for security design, implementation and management is in place, monitored and continuously improved. Confidential and proprietary information remains that way. As a result, the systems in place to safeguard your quality data are certified to an accepted industry standard. You know your data are safe.

QUMAS, the proven solution for Quality integrates Documentation and Content Management (EDMS), Learning Management (LMS) and Quality Process Management (EQMS). You can leverage the benefits of deep QUMAS functionality combined with a modern cloud deployment and a data-centric approach. The cloud-based QUMAS solution is designed to be compliant. It is certified by Securastar and Bureau Veritas and allows you full control over any updates and upgrades. It is easy to implement, update and access from any device, and its scalability makes it possible to adapt the solution from small to large enterprise deployments. You can now focus on the usage of the application rather than its management – and maximize control over your Quality system!

If you would like us to help you reach for the cloud and get more control over your document and quality management initiatives, watch this webinar. Learn more about the benefits of QUMAS as an integrated, scalable, cloud solution for Quality.

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