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Preview: BIOVIA Live 2024 Americas

Unleash the Power of Innovation at BIOVIA Live 2024 in Waltham, happening May 21-23 2024.
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Unleash the Power of Innovation at BIOVIA Live 2024 in Waltham

The landscape for scientific companies is constantly evolving, driven by a relentless pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. For researchers and scientists, staying at the forefront requires access to cutting-edge tools, knowledge, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Enter BIOVIA Live Americas, a three-day event brimming with potential to supercharge your scientific journey, happening in Waltham, Massachusetts from May 21st to 23rd 2024.

The Main Event: A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

The main conference of BIOVIA Live starts on May 22nd, and is a dynamic platform designed to ignite the spark of innovation within you. Imagine a space filled with thought-provoking presentations, insightful roundtables, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Industry leaders, renowned academics, and your fellow scientific peers will be sharing their expertise across various disciplines. We have 12 different BIOVIA customers speaking across the 2 days of the main conference.
BIOVIA Live isn’t just about passive learning. The conference fosters a dynamic environment where you can actively participate in roundtable discussions, engage with industry experts, and connect with fellow researchers. Brainstorm innovative solutions, build valuable partnerships, and discover potential collaborators who share your passion for scientific breakthroughs.

Deep Dives into Specific Fields

  • Lab of the Future: Unleash the power of data – from streamlined workflows to AI-powered insights, showcase how you’re optimizing lab efficiency and driving scientific progress.
  • AI/Machine Learning for Research: Dive deep into data science – share your strategies for data integration, analysis, and knowledge extraction, unlocking the secrets hidden within scientific data.
  • Drug Discovery and Development: Accelerate the design of novel therapeutics – present your breakthroughs in the discovery of small molecule drugs and biotherapeutics using AI, machine learning and molecular modeling and simulation, showcasing how BIOVIA fuels innovation in life sciences.
  • Materials Innovation: Build a brighter future – explore how you’re using BIOVIA to design sustainable materials, create renewable energy solutions, and address the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.
  • Formulations: Create sustainable products – share how you are designing and reformulating products to be more cost-effective and use more sustainable materials.
  • Biopharma Quality and Regulatory: Assure excellence at every step – demonstrate your approaches to quality control, data-driven manufacturing, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the highest standards in every product.
  • Manufacturing: Enhance quality with analytics – describe how you increase product quality in the manufacturing realm by using advanced analytics and automated trend alerts.

Sharpen Your Skills with the Pre-Conference
If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve and equip yourself with valuable skills before the main event, the Americas Pre-Conference on Tuesday, May 21 is the perfect stepping stone. This FREE offering focuses on equipping you with practical knowledge in data manipulation techniques, automation strategies for streamlined workflows, and data-driven decision making – all crucial aspects of thriving in today’s data-rich research environment.

  • ONE Lab Calculation Engine: Master this comprehensive platform and unlock its potential for data manipulation, automation, and informed decision-making.
  • Unlocking the Power of Jupyter Notebook and Python Integration in Pipeline Pilot: Perform data analysis, visualization, and Machine learning with Jupyter Notebook and Python
  • Generative Therapeutics Design: See the workflow for step by step for how to accelerate drug discovery and development with BIOVIA Generative Therapeutics Design.
  • Pipeline Pilot Fundamentals (all day): Get hands-on training and learn how to leverage Pipeline Pilot, a powerful platform for automating scientific workflows and gaining actionable insights from your data.
  • Pipeline Pilot Analytics and Machine Learning (all day): For more experienced users, learn more about leveraging Pipeline Pilot for advanced topics

Register Now and Be Part of Something Extraordinary
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to accelerate your scientific pursuits, forge new connections, and stay at the forefront of scientific innovation. Register for BIOVIA Live 2024 in Waltham today and embark on a journey that will transform your approach to research and propel you towards groundbreaking discoveries!

Check out the full agenda:
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