June 6, 2019

From BIM to Marketing: PART 2 – Data preparation concepts

Last month’s introductory episode kicked off a new series for architecture and…
Avatar Akio Moriwaki

Last month’s introductory episode kicked off a new series for architecture and construction industry stakeholders where they could learn how to create high quality images, videos and even immersive experiences, based on the Building Information Modeling (BIM) data with the 3DEXCITE applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform.

Today’s episode is focusing on data preparation. Whatever marketing asset you want to create, if your model is complex, your first step is optimizing it. A BIM model is necessarily very complex because it is complete. However, this complexity can be a handicap, when you are creating your experience, generating raytraced images and during the play of your interactive experience. Everything will be slower, and in some cases, just not workable.

Let’s talk about the importance of product preparation for experience authoring, high-quality images, videos and interactive experiences creation.

Data preparation and experience authoring

The more complex the model, the longer it will take to open and save. In addition, if the model is particularly complex, it can be difficult to navigate around it in 3D or even via the tree. The performance is inadequate, and there is a time lag between the actions you do with your keyboard or mouse and the result of these actions on the screen. Optimizing your model will allow you to have a more efficient workflow, and your interactions (opening, saving, etc.) with the model will be smoother.

Data preparation and high-quality images/video creation

A quick raytraced render of Metal Building

To create a high-quality image, one uses the raytracing technique that consists of physically simulating the path of light, by launching rays from the 3D viewport. The longer this physical simulation runs in our scene, the higher the image quality will be. In this case, optimizing a model will allow you to save rendering time for each generated image.

Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE

Original Source By Marc-Antoine DUPONT in 3DEXCITE User Community, Dassault Systèmes

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