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Dassault Systèmes collaborates with NVIDIA to showcase the future of storytelling with generative AI

Virtual twin experiences enhanced with AI deliver a data-enriched, evolving 3D model that will accelerate product commercialization.
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At one of the most highly anticipated tech industry events in recent memory, NVIDIA GTC, Dassault Systèmes was today featured as part of the keynote address from NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who included a demonstration of the latest refinements to the 3DEXCITE portfolio for generative AI-enhanced content creation. The audience saw an interactive product demo, featuring a scientifically accurate product representation staged within a visually stunning environment, summoned by a simple written prompt.

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Keynote viewers saw a Hyundai IONIQ 6 – displayed accurately down to the exact wheelbase proportions and trim colors of the physical car – shown in a variety of settings and angles that can be conjured and adjusted through ‌text commands familiar to AI users. For manufacturers and marketers seeking to tell an authentic story that resonates with their users, the value of this technology is immediately clear.

Creating these generative AI experiences requires an ecosystem of expertise and technologies, including NVIDIA Edify-powered models, trained by Shutterstock on its licensed creative data and used as NVIDIA Omniverse APIs for real-time experience rendering. This adoption of NVIDIA technologies has enabled Dassault Systèmes to accelerate product commercialization with generative storytelling. You can see these exciting capabilities showcased on stage for yourself: 

Accessible as a web service with an initial focus on the automotive sector, the 3DEXCITE team’s collaboration with NVIDIA aims to transform how businesses generate accurate content about their products at an industrial scale. The 3DEXCITE team’s mission is twofold – first, to enable compelling product visuals through generative AI-based staging, and second, to ensure accuracy by integrating with the product’s virtual twin.

For example, car manufacturers can now better explain a complex suite of driver-assist safety features in visual settings tailored to specific audiences and driving situations – whether shown at night on a country road, or during a rain-soaked city commute. Drivers in Alaska are going to value a car’s interior heating systems much differently than drivers in Florida, and manufacturers must personalize the visuals that accompany these differing messages.

Equally important, this capability developed in collaboration with NVIDIA will produce images that are not only visually stunning but also 100 percent accurate based on the engineering specifications found in the product’s virtual twin on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Through this two-pronged focus, we are committed to providing the best capabilities with zero compromises to our customers – boundless capabilities for creativity, combined with the product authenticity and trustworthiness their users expect.

This latest milestone for commercial use cases of generative AI will have broad applicability across every industry, creating a pathway for Dassault Systèmes’ customers to present rapidly changing product features to an extremely diverse audience. The value of continuity between engineering and experience has never been stronger thanks to the momentum of generative artificial intelligence, and businesses of all sizes have recognized this inflection point and are looking for ways to harness this exciting wave of innovation.

The Dassault Systèmes vision for a generative economy

So where does generative storytelling fit into the future of business? Dassault Systèmes believes the 21st century will be defined by a convergence of the Experience Economy and the Circular Economy, creating a sustainable model that we call the Generative Economy. 

Virtual twin experiences will be at the heart of this transformation, enabling businesses to imagine novel solutions, test what-if scenarios, and measure the impact of any decision before implementing them in the real world. A sustainable business strategy requires manufacturers to do more than create experiences using fewer resources. They must also ensure what they create is more effective, offering better value and longevity. Innovators and consumers are expecting more than just digital models of what already exists, and the virtual twin experience delivers a data-enriched, evolving 3D model of a product in the context of its usage.

The combination of our science-based virtual twin experiences with generative AI will accelerate product commercialization, and will reshape industries like Transportation & Mobility into collaborative value networks. By integrating manufacturers, services providers, energy sources, cities and citizens through a constant loop of virtual and real, we will have the power to create truly transformative experiences that rely on products extended with digital services, providing a value that grows with use.

We remain committed to pioneering innovative products and methods at the forefront of technology. This marks the beginning of a new era as we actively cultivate a robust ecosystem containing software and service provider partners to realize this vision. 

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