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Spot the robot visits Dassault Systèmes

Do you know the difference between a machine and a robot? A…
Avatar Maryann Dennehy

Do you know the difference between a machine and a robot?

A machine is a simple device designed to complete a task. A robot is a single combination of many machines, similar to a human body. Robots are designed using artificial intelligence and can be reprogrammed to complete different tasks according to a need, unlike a machine that is created for one specific task.

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab and their collaboration with Intuitive Robots, the European reseller for Boston Dynamics, who created Spot, recently stopped in for a visit and tour of our corporate campus. During the visit, the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab team and the Intuitive Robots team met and had a brainstorming session about potential future industry uses for robotics technology.

The use of robots has long since expanded beyond the basics of performing simple manufacturing tasks, and are now used to enrich human lives in every conceivable way. Innovative applications that mimic the mobility, dexterity and agility of humans and animals are now a reality, as illustrated by Spot.

Boston Dynamics is a leader in the field of advanced robotics, and relies on Dassault Systèmes solutions. By observing Spot in action, 3DS employees experienced firsthand what is now possible and to consider what might be possible in the future for robotics technology.

 report detailing the five latest trends in robotics for 2021:

  • Learning new tricks: By combining artificial intelligence software with vision and other sensing systems, allows robots to master more and more difficult tasks.
  • Using robots in smart factories: Equipped with innovative navigation technology, mobile robots are now more flexible than previous more traditional production lines.
  • New market breakthroughs: New connectivity technology contributes to increased robot adoption in sectors that have only recently turned to automation, such as food and beverage, textiles, wood products and plastics. Ongoing digital transformation will lead to completely new business models because producers can diversify more easily than ever.
  • Reducing carbon footprints: Modern robots are more energy-efficient, and directly reduce energy consumption during production. Through higher precision, they also produce fewer rejections and substandard goods, which has a positive impact on the ratio of resource input over output. In addition, robots help in the cost-efficient production of renewable energy equipment, such as photovoltaics or hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Securing supply chains: The pandemic has made the weakness of globalized supply chains visible. When productivity is leveled through automation, manufacturers have increased flexibility to better manage supply chains. Robotic automation can help increase productivity and security.

Moving forward, the collaboration between the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab and Intuitive Robots will explore more innovative potential usages for SPOT, utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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