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Celebrating our employees’ innovation

Each autumn, our people submit projects that take a fresh look at a challenge to a company, our customers and our world
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At Dassault Systèmes, we have a mindset we call “IFWE.” “IF” reflects our passion for exploring new possibilities; “WE” to our belief that bringing our community together enables meaningful change. We are proud of how innovative our 20,000+ employees around the world are, and each year we celebrate this through the 3DS Innovation Forwards program.

Each autumn, employees are encouraged to submit the projects that they’re most proud of from the past year, particularly ones that take a fresh approach to a challenge. This is not just limited to R&D or our products; it is inclusive of every department from R&D to facilities to services to marketing. It also celebrates teamwork, often across organizations. Did a team enhance the employee onboarding experience to more seamlessly integrate new employees? Work closely with a major automotive customer to transform its entire engineering chain? Or create a virtual twin of a hospital to help healthcare providers to provide the right care at the right time and place. These are just a few of the 41 winning projects from 2021, selected from a pool of 297 projects involving 2469 participants.

We recently opened nominations for the 2022 3DS Innovation Forwards. In honor of this, we want to share some of the 2021 winners. We’re proud of what our employees have accomplished, and we hope you’ll take a moment to watch the following videos to celebrate them as well!

Oncology Assessment: from Imaging to Twin. How can Dassault Systèmes help practitioners more quickly detect and refine tumor diagnoses using medical imaging? Members of our corporate research and Medidata teams tackled this questions by applying AI to identify tumor lesions within 2D medical images, supporting practitioners’ accelerated review and annotating patients’ medical images.

Pune Campus Sky Tower Go-Live. Despite challenges stemming from the pandemic, a cross-functional team in India – including finance, IT, facilities, procurement, legal and campus program management – was able to safely open a major campus to house 1900 employees, exactly as designed, on time and within budget.

SOLIDWORKS for Makers: How can we help the makers of the world bring their creations to life? Discover this tailored direct-to-consumer solution that offers modeling apps and dedicated communities to put 3D in the hands of millions of passionate people! 

If you’re interested in joining a company whose people not only come up with amazing ideas to improve the world but who have those ideas recognized, check out our career opportunities!

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