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A preview to the 21st century Industrial Renaissance

The Indian consumer in the past decade has witnessed the advent of…
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The Indian consumer in the past decade has witnessed the advent of several global brands enhancing consumer lifestyle, utilities and convenience like never before. From ride sharing to heli-taxis to drones in healthcare; India is emerging to be one of the key markets for global product launches. Leading global brands are simultaneously launching products in the US, Europe, China, and India. This is where the next billion users are. With the millennial generation showing similar traits across geographies; the common consensus is to have smarter cities and buildings, sustainable societies, smarter and personalized healthcare, green mobility and hyperloop systems, smarter workplaces etc.

The Indian consumer is constantly pushing businesses and governments to adopt new means of citizen services or invent the next big disruptor that can simplify the livelihood complexities. The metro railway system which was only there in Kolkata about two decades back is now operational in 10 cities. The largest shopping malls in India are not in metro cities but in tier I cities like Kochi, Jaipur, and Noida. The Indian consumer is on a cusp waiting for technology disruption to change their lifestyle. Who knows, the next league of disruptive innovation of the likes of Uber, Tesla, Hyperloop, Flying Whales could be emerging from India.

Tomorrow’s game-changers will not be those with the most automated production systems, but those with the best-developed knowledge and know-how assets, whose business environments involve subcontractors as full-fledged partners in value creation. And therefore, we are experiencing a global Industry Renaissance today, bringing new ways, real and virtual, of seeing the world, inventing, learning, producing and trading. New industrial firms are creating new solutions for new customers. The new economy is organized around marketplaces where supply and demand meet, both globally and locally. Digital experience platforms in the healthcare industry and urban development are the infrastructures of the 21st century. They have transfigured retail, transport, and the hospitality industry, and are set to transfigure other industries. In potentiating virtual experiences, augmented reality and realistic simulation, digital technology revolutionizes our relationship with knowledge, just like the printing press did in the 15th century. The virtual model is our library and our workshop, offering both existing and possible knowledge and know-how.

With 3D printing, biomaterials, and biology it becomes possible to harmonize products, nature, and life. Artificial intelligence will not replace human thought, but it will facilitate access to knowledge and know-how. Virtual assistants will enhance our capacity to invent solutions that address the challenges facing humanity. In the 1980s, Silicon Valley was developing search engines and operating systems. Today it’s inventing autonomous vehicles and connected objects that radically change the way people interact with things. Materiality and virtuality are becoming increasingly blurred. Because people learn more and more in the workplace, we should be bringing the school into the enterprise, rather than the other way round.

This is the Industry Renaissance of the 21st century. And we will learn more about it at the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM 2018 in Bengaluru and New Delhi on Sept 4 & 6 respectively. We will hear from Bernard CHARLES, Vice Chairman and CEO, DASSAULT SYSTEMES and several other industry leaders from Aerospace & Defense, Transportation & Mobility and Industrial Equipment industry on how they continuously inventing to be ahead of the curve. We will hear from bureaucrats on how they see digitalization impacting manufacturing and beyond; and how the workforce of the future needs to be skilled to future ready. We will have hands-on 3DEXPERIENCE playground to experience technology.

Please do register for the Bengaluru edition and Delhi edition of the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM 2018.

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