CloudJuly 5, 2021

How one startup is creating smarter, eco-designed batteries

Energy storage is poised to play a crucial part in the transformation…
Alyssa Ross

Energy storage is poised to play a crucial part in the transformation of the energy market, especially in the pursuit of making renewable options such as wind and solar more reliable and widespread.

There are many people looking to tackle the challenge of creating new types of batteries that are smarter and designed with sustainability in mind.

Olenergies is a French startup founded for just this reason. Their mission is to revolutionize a range of industries through intelligent, efficient and sustainable energy storage. They’re both the designer and manufacturer of connected lithium batteries and they have a very specific goal: ramp up their industrial capacity to significantly increase production on short notice and in large quantities within Europe in order to compete with the Asian battery market.

When Olenergies sought options to help them achieve their goals, they discovered the Dassault Systèmes’ program, 3DEXPERIENCE for startups. The program boosts small businesses by supplying the same software that’s leveraged by industry leaders at a reduced cost for three years, along with access to training, premium support, collaborative cloud computing resources and open communities where experts gather to provide personalized advice.

After just three months, the high-performance 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud made it even easier for Olenergies to exchange and collaborate on ideas. Because the platform supports product development across the entire lifecycle and offers a built-in community of experts willing to lend advice, the company gained a new dimension to their innovation practices. And because the solution is on cloud, the cost is lower, information is secure and they are able to easily scale as they add more employees.

Supporting innovation is at the heart of Dassault Systèmes, and we are proud to offer opportunities such as 3DEXPERIENCE for startups to allow nascent companies to use to bring new ideas into the world. Our goal is to offer entrepreneurs this as first step in developing a long-term relationship. We want to support new their ideas every step of the way through optimized offers that are designed to meet the changing needs as their business grows.

Olenergies just completed its first year in the program, which is geared to be a three-year experience. We look forward to continuing to support their development of sustainable, cobalt-free lithium batteries through the 3DEXPERIENCE on cloud, and to providing them tools for collaboration and knowledge capture to enable their goal of housing production facilities in Europe, rather than in low-cost countries. With companies like Olenergies, industry and our planet will benefit from having a viable alternative to many lead battery applications.

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