May 30, 2019

Using drillhole constraints in Surpac

  Many users of GEOVIA Surpac struggle with how to effectively select…
Avatar Ross Pemberton

Many users of GEOVIA Surpac struggle with how to effectively select specific drillholes when completing database tasks such as display, compositing or data extraction. To view or process a select number of holes requires some setup in the collar table and knowledge of Surpac’s Drillhole Constraint functionality. This is often an overlooked and forgotten area of the Surpac toolset, but yet can provide value by streamlining workflows. This GEOVIA blog post will now discuss the setup and methodology to utilise this capability.

Workflow: Drillhole Constraints

Preparation of the collar table Before using the drillhole constraint tools, it is recommended the user should first ensure an optional field exists in the collar table (not mandatory). This field will serve as a flag, to select holes of different types, categories or areas (e.g. Hole Type, Year Drilled etc.). For example, below this Collar table has the optional field ‘hole_type’, which can be used with drillhole constraints to select only the ‘DDH’ holes.

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