May 30, 2023

The Benefits of Including Environmental Costs into Strategic Mine Planning : Introduction

Avatar Ross MILNE

The first article, Conventional vs Green NPV, looks at a recent test case and theoretical study demonstrating the value of optimized “Green NPV” planning for both mining companies and local communities. The study shows that SMPs incorporating broad environmental costs actually lead to reduced costs over the life of the mine while generating social and ecological value for communities.
Why Include Ecological Costs? addresses the many pressures, options and resources mining companies navigate to become more sustainable and how new ECO SMP models that capture true ecological costs advance that commitment.

The series concludes with Sustainability of Green NPV, which explains in practical detail how to engage with and implement ecological cost integration into mine planning and the risks of failing to do so. Much of sustainable mining today focuses on vulnerable assets at most risk from physical climate change, how decarbonization shifts demand for key minerals, and how miners can decarbonize their own operations. However, models that also capture per-acre ecological costs, as well as investments in communities for construction, execution and mine closure, carbon emissions, costs per damaged area and rehabilitation can generate Green NPV that is more efficient and sustainable than conventional approaches to NPV. 

This approach asks miners to consider what might seem counterintuitive. The evidence, however, clearly suggests that Green NPV merits engagement. We hope you find this series useful and that it inspires you to discover new ways to advance mining sustainability.

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