May 27, 2020

Strategic Mine Planning for Caving

  ON-DEMAND E-SEMINAR |  Strategic Mine Planning for Caving addresses how to…

The Strategic Mine Planning for Caving methodology provides full governance of the mine planning process, improved by simulation and analytics of the results, and finally better collaboration, communication, and visibility to all stakeholders.

It enables you to apply business strategy, determine mining methods, sequence extraction, processing plant configuration, stockpile and dumping requirements, selected equipment, create financial models, produce Life of Mine plan, simulate geomechanical rock behavior, and generate scenarios.

In this E-Seminar we present and demonstrate the capabilities and key benefits of the 7 business processes below, that make up the Strategic Mine Planning for Caving process experience:

  • Define objectives, KPIs and constraints
  • Optimize cave footprint elevation and economics
  • Simulate material flow, mixing and dilution
  • Simulate cave back and cave geo-mechanics
  • Share and collaborate Reports and virtual experience
  • Prepare financial models
  • Scenario Analysis


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