August 30, 2018

Extending Geology Modeling for Structural Geologists with the Surpac Structural Suite

  Many of our mining customers tell us that structural modeling is…
Avatar Pierre Leroux

Many of our mining customers tell us that structural modeling is often overlooked or done in an isolated fashion by their geotechnical teams. Given digital effectiveness is now acknowledged as a top risk as well as a key enabler to success in the mining industry, many companies are now revisiting how structural modeling is done in the context of a well-honed geology team.

The most innovative of these companies are moving toward geological modeling workflows that include structural modeling integrated in a broader geology and mine planning environment, one where geology and geotechnical work is conducted in one digital environment.

introduces Structural Suite, a set of visualization and analysis tools for any kind of oriented data such as drillholes, points clouds and textured meshes. Structural Suite allows geotechnical personnel, geologists and mining engineers to apply their knowledge of structural controls and effects and extract and visualize orientations directly from drillholes. They can analyze surface gradients, and visually create planes from point clouds or textured meshes and analyze them on a stereographic projection.

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