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Electrification of Mining: New Era of Collaboration

In our last post​​​​​​​ we said that, while core technologies already exist to…
Avatar Jeff Hamilton

In our last post​​​​​​​ we said that, while core technologies already exist to electrify mining operations, a “knowledge gap” is slowing implementation. Here we discuss a companion issue: collaboration.

Transitioning the mining industry to a new energy platform requires several things no single company can deliver, the authors of  say in the 2021 industry report. Renewable energy electrification represents “a collective responsibility for the whole industry.” Widespread collaboration is just getting started and has a long way to go.

Collaborative testing and piloting of developing technologies, for example, will help accelerate mass adoption, important if the industry wants to hit its carbon-neutral energy goals. However, system integration requires different approaches for greenfield and brownfield sites, with retrofitting legacy systems and transitioning existing infrastructure and equipment the biggest challenge. Sequencing transition appropriately involves complex, strategic choices.

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