January 11, 2022

Ask Me Anything about Surpac | Replay

Last September we organized an “Ask Me Anything” session , inviting users…

Last September we organized an “Ask Me Anything” session , inviting users to share their questions with our Surpac experts. We would like to thank attendees for their participation and for sharing their challenges.

During this session, Ash Colton and Kim Ferguson-Thomas, shared their tips & tricks about the following frequent questions:

  • How to open Surpac in my working folder?
  • How to plot oblique sections?
  • How to get dfield information to display when exporting DXF files?
  • How to see the distance between drilling and planned underground workings?
  • How to mesh point clouds effectively?
  • How to see the difference between planned and mined solids?
  • How to navigate to folders quickly in Surpac?

You can now watch the replay in the GEOVIA User community.

Not a member yet? You can create your free account today by clicking on the link above.

The survey results showed you enjoyed this new format, so you can expect more sessions to happen in 2022. Which GEOVIA software would you like to see featured for our next Ask Me Antything? Post it in the comments!

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