Virtual ExperienceMay 8, 2020

[Webinar Replay] Sustainable Infrastructures

As space is a major concern with the explosive population growth, smart…
Avatar Yves Barbier

As space is a major concern with the explosive population growth, smart use of space can ease the congestion and pave way for sustainable urban development.

The demand for smart materials, intelligent electrical grids, and smart buildings with embedded sensors, is giving civil engineers the push to innovate sustainable designs that are forward-looking.

Additionally, increasingly complex construction projects require that all teams rely on common language to facilitate collaboration and reduce rework between phases.

In that context, CATIA allows designers and engineers to design, and construction professionals to build, beyond the limits of traditional project delivery methods, by delivering a range of 3D modeling solutions that span throughout all civil engineering construction project phases.

Discover how global infrastructure companies collaborate with CATIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to concretize and maintain complex works, and generate value for the greater community. With our subject matter expert in Architecture and Construction @Jonathan ASHER

Watch the replay here

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