March 9, 2021

5 Reasons to Adopt Digital Transformation in Farm Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Success for farm equipment manufacturers hinges on their ability to leverage digital…
Avatar Ritesh Narula

Success for farm equipment manufacturers hinges on their ability to leverage digital transformation, tailoring products to market requirements and delivering across the world at record speeds.

A typical farm equipment assembly line is extremely complex, involving over 5,000 mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts and structural analysis. Using a data-driven approach and a model-based product backbone, manufacturers can enable digital continuity from equipment engineering to production, service, and maintenance – essentially building a single repository to capitalize on the knowledge. Digital transformation can help the farm equipment manufacturing industry better understand the needs of its consumers. It accelerates innovation and speeds up time-to-market, allowing manufacturers to keep pace with the agriculture market’s trends in a truly agile manner.

There are five ways manufacturers in this space can gain from digital transformation:

  • Building a connected process landscape to power more holistically informed decisions and minimize risk in a dynamic market
  • Achieving a consolidated view of product design structures and engineering bill of materials to improve engineering productivity
  • Equipping the farm industry with a scalable, online environment for product design, multi-physics simulation and process planning to drive collaboration
  • Utilizing virtual twin to demonstrate the assembly of new equipment variants, enable smart decisions, and effectively maintain plants via multi-stakeholder validation
  • Simulating assembly operations and carrying out tests without having to wait for a physical prototype for better workforce training

Digital transformation is integral to farm equipment manufacturers, allowing stakeholders to collaborate, centralize their data, connect multi-disciplinary processes, and simulate outcomes. This can help the industry reach new heights of success on the way forward.

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