ManufacturingJune 25, 2018

How to harness complex value chains in an uncertain and hyper-connected world

Existing businesses are being forced to adapt to a new business reality…
Kris Kosmala

The race between nations to supply goods and services across a global marketplace is continuing unabated. The fourth industrial revolution — a technological transformation that fundamentally alters the way we live and work on a scale and scope never experienced before — exemplifies the future of production, manufacturing and services.

A keen observer would point out that the key pillars of this revolution — robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things — stem from concepts established as the building blocks of an ongoing industrial transformation. Indeed, a global industrial renaissance revises some old concepts in new ways. Inventing, learning, producing and trading then takes place on the foundation of these revised concepts.

But the renaissance doesn’t involve just one value aspect of a company or industry. The entire value chain becomes part of the conversation — from product conception to sourcing for materials, prototyping, manufacturing and all the way to distribution.

The speed of the revolution What has changed is the speed at which these revised concepts are being adopted by whole industries, thus creating the sense of revolution. The agility in adopting these concepts can be seen in the emergence of new business categories, creating new types of solutions for new groups of consumers. This creates a climate of uncertainty over the readiness of existing businesses to respond to change, and their ability to thrive for years to come.

As this shift continues to take place, companies are faced with an existential crisis. How will they be able to create value and stay relevant in the face of a global context that’s full of uncertainties?

The key to a competitive advantage In a world where both consumers and suppliers are able to notice opportunities and trends faster than ever before, DELMIA Quintiq sees the need for each company to grasp the connections and inter-dependencies between the most important pillars of their business model:

1. Deep comprehension of demand 2. Responsiveness of supply 3. Agility in production 4. Swiftness in delivering the end product to the customer

The DELMIA Quintiq solution makes it possible for businesses to design, test and execute intelligent, synchronized activities within those pillars. This hyper-connected response to the hyper-connected world we live in today is known within Dassault Systèmes as the Internet of Experiences. By optimizing a company’s choices across all its business pillars, DELMIA Quintiq provides the capability to design and operate the most complex and complete usage scenarios. The result? Every DELMIA Quintiq customer has the opportunity — and the capability — to reach its full business potential.

The opportunity to reinvent your value chain Quintiq World Tour will provide you with the opportunity to witness the benefits of merging business decisions across all pillars, from a virtual planning scenario all the way to the actual execution model. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the concept of digital twinning, a technology that uses data from sensors on the physical asset to analyse its efficiency, condition and real-time status.

Don’t miss out on showcases by DELMIA Quintiq customers that highlight the role of our technology in revolutionizing their relationship with knowledge, empowering them to make optimal, resourceful decisions that benefit their bottom line and their customers. They will also discuss how their capability to forecast, simulate, and evaluate options across the entire value chain helps them to make the right call every time.

The uncertain world requires proven solutions that enable industries and individual companies to constantly reinvent values and experiences. As businesses continuously adapt their business processes amidst a challenging business climate, DELMIA Quintiq is here to support those efforts with the smartest technologies available to get the results that businesses desire.

Decision-makers, captains of industry and visionaries will come together to transform the world’s value chains. Join us at Quintiq World Tour and discover how the most compelling industrial challenges of our time are being overcome — from those who have successfully solved them. For more information, please visit the event website at the link below.

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